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Hey there!

Letter to the reader

Anuj here, Welcome to my Website, and thanks for checking out my about page,

Here is a small jist about me,

I came from a city called Indore (Madhya Pradesh), located in the heart of our country, currently living in Mumbai, the business continent of India where Bollywood was born. I am a college dropout from BScIT as our education system never convinced me. I was always into new exploration, creativity, growth, and innovation.

Further, I did my diploma in films and animation, which boosted my career where I was also offered to be a technical trainer for (Films VFX and Post Production), and I took the job and trained 150+ students in 1.5 years. With time, I got four awards in my pocket, out of which one of them was Dadasaheb Phalke (International Award) for mentoring a film in the year 2014 on child abuse. 

I consider this as the most significant achievement of my time.

Later I worked as a freelancer on few known ad film projects 

as a VFX assistant or a producer, I have worked with celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, and Priyanka Chopra

I started my true entrepreneur’s journey in 2015 with my company, Studio27, as full-time corporate video production and animation house, then we produced 3000 Mins of content in 3 years. Eventually, we exploded our expertise in immersive technology and delivered many AR and VR projects in multiple fields. Our clients have supported us towards the growth and asked for our services from time to time.

Going ahead, we were also recognized and onboarded as a guest lecture for KJ Somaiya College and whistling Woods international.

Since 2019, we have upgraded ourselves as a digital marketing company, and I am acting like a full-time digital marketing consultant to help clients. I help agencies to grow exponentially by using the proper methodologies, tools, and approaches towards the market.

What makes us Unique,

We carry a Creative approach towards Technology and Marketing, provide us a stepping stone to accelerate the growth for brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs at all stages of their life cycle.

Our tenet lies in delivering ace quality work.

We are also known as Startup Growth Catalyst, as we have turned many “stopping stones” into “stepping stones.”


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